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M&S Alumni Network

Stay part of the M&S Family forever and join our Alumni Network today.

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Reminisce about your time with us and connect with your former colleagues.

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Keep in touch with what’s happening across the business and hear where our alumni are today.

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Stay part of our M&S family by getting involved in our community and joining exclusive alumni events.

Welcome to the M&S Alumni Network!

There's a reason our network is called the M&S Family as for so many of us – including me – the time worked at M&S is more than a job; it is like being part of an extended family. I've been an M&S man and boy, and my Dad Joe worked for the business too, so I know better than anyone that when you join the M&S family, you never really leave. I am proud to have been a part of the M&S Family for nearly 40 years and to stay a part of the family as the Alumni President, helping former colleagues stay connected to each other and the business.

Thank you for being an integral part of the M&S family. Our colleagues past and present remain the key driving force behind our brand, culture, and success, and I hope you get involved and stay in touch.

Steve Rowe
Alumni President and former Chief Executive, M&S

Steve Rowe, CEO
Alumni in the Spotlight
Winner of BBC Apprentice and Owner of Dough Bakehouse

Carina Lepore

Winner of BBC Apprentice and Owner of Dough Bakehouse

"Coming to M&S in a permanent role you become a family, especially in your own section. In M&S, we were all one team. There’s been leaders, advisors and other colleagues that I’ve taken things from along the way and adapted my management style to grab the best pieces."

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Co-Founder of Turtle Tots

Gaby Lixton

Co-Founder of Turtle Tots

"I really believe that I would never have had the transferrable skills to set up my own business if I hadn't worked at M&S. I feel proud to be part of the M&S alumni community!"

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COO, Coach and Mentor

Steve Leach

COO, Coach and Mentor

"It's been such a journey, but the constant throughout my career has been my focus on customer service and team leadership—values ingrained in me during my time at M&S."

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Co-Founder of LaundryRepublic

Ian Walker

Co-Founder of LaundryRepublic

"I realised what real work – hard, meaningful work – meant. I’d always had a strong work ethic but at M&S I learnt to appreciate the satisfaction that comes from working hard and doing a good job."

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“They say that although you might leave M&S, M&S doesn’t ever leave you - and that is so true. It's why I helped start an unofficial alumni network on Facebook a few years ago to help connect the many colleagues that worked together at Baker Street.

On the back of the success of our Facebook group, I was delighted to be invited by M&S to help launch the official M&S Family alumni network - and I've really enjoyed being a part of it over the past year or so.

For me, the best part about it is how it keep you informed on the latest happenings at M&S and at the same time allows you to reminisce about all the old times with all the historic archive content."

Clare Ball

Co-Chair of M&S Baker Street Facebook Group and Member of the M&S Family Founder Panel