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M&S Alumni Network

Stay part of the M&S Family forever and join our Alumni Network today.

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Reminisce about your time with us and connect with your former colleagues.

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Keep in touch with what’s happening across the business and hear where our alumni are today.

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Stay part of our M&S family by getting involved in our community and joining exclusive alumni events.

Welcome to the M&S Alumni Network!

There's a reason our network is called the M&S Family as for so many of us – including me – the time worked at M&S is more than a job; it is like being part of an extended family. I've been an M&S man and boy, and my Dad Joe worked for the business too, so I know better than anyone that when you join the M&S family, you never really leave. I am proud to have been a part of the M&S Family for nearly 40 years and to stay a part of the family as the Alumni President, helping former colleagues stay connected to each other and the business.

Thank you for being an integral part of the M&S family. Our colleagues past and present remain the key driving force behind our brand, culture, and success, and I hope you get involved and stay in touch.

Steve Rowe
Alumni President and former Chief Executive, M&S

Steve Rowe, CEO
Alumni in the Spotlight
Helen Alkin and Jen Goldsmith

Helen Alkin and Jen Goldsmith

"Helen Alkin and Jen Goldsmith are two Senior Resourcing professionals who met at M&S and have become inseparable ever since - quite literally! Taking the partnership they started at M&S's Support Centre into two other organisations, they are proud of the skills and working relationship they built during their time here and delighted to share their story."

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Munish Datta

Munish Datta

"Munish tells us about the pivotal moments in shaping M&S's sustainability initiatives (with fond memories of Captain Energy) and how his experiences continue to influence his current roles as Global Director of Sustainability at Specsavers and Fellow at the University of Cambridge."

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Celia Holt

Celia Holt

"Get the inside scoop on Celia Holt's journey from Senior Food Technologist at M&S to founding her own consultancy, CHilFood Solutions. Celia tells us about her time at M&S and beyond, launching iconic product ranges and her unforgettable research trip to Italy."

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Michael Fierstone

Michael Fierstone

"Discover the career journey of Michael Fierstone, whose 15-year tenure at M&S molded him into the merchant and manager he is today. From starting as a Saturday boy to traveling the world as a Merchandiser, Michael shares insights into his time at M&S and its lasting impact on his career."

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“They say that although you might leave M&S, M&S doesn’t ever leave you - and that is so true. It's why I helped start an unofficial alumni network on Facebook a few years ago to help connect the many colleagues that worked together at Baker Street.

On the back of the success of our Facebook group, I was delighted to be invited by M&S to help launch the official M&S Family alumni network - and I've really enjoyed being a part of it over the past year or so.

For me, the best part about it is how it keep you informed on the latest happenings at M&S and at the same time allows you to reminisce about all the old times with all the historic archive content."

Clare Ball

Co-Chair of M&S Baker Street Facebook Group and Member of the M&S Family Founder Panel